Investigation Solutions

Pondera provides a powerful set of Investigative Solutions to assist your staff when following up on specific leads. These leads may have been detected by the FDaaS system or through other means such as tips or other detection methods.

Our Investigative Solutions are designed to:

  • Uncover previously unknown connections - Thru network and social media analysis
  • Save you time - Automatically analyze hidden connections against massive data sets
  • Be proactive - Push Alerts to you generated by pre-programmed fraud algorithms and templates created by Pondera's investigators


SuperSearch is a powerful, but easy-to-use, search tool that allows your investigators to type in a name or other word and search for matches in the FDaaS database and integrated third-party public records databases. Users can select categories (such as business, beneficiary, doctors, etc.) to narrow searches, and the search results link directly to the FDaaS profiles for more information.

SuperSearch is an important investigative tool to quickly gather information on suspects. It also allows you to search for information on businesses and individuals who are not currently in your program.

Social Media Analyzer

Pondera's Social Media Analyzer, which can be accessed directly or through SuperSearch, is a powerful analysis tool that combs through social media sites such as blog posts, social networking sites, and other Internet sources where suspects may have left a digital footprint.

Using Social Analyzer, your analysts and investigators can uncover previously unknown connections and activities, such as illicit sales of government benefits. Analysts also use Social Media Analyzer to form a more complete picture of a suspect's relationships, behaviors, and activities.

Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is a powerful visualization tool that allows your investigators to explore and visualize relationships between and among program businesses and beneficiaries. Network Analyzer is fully integrated with FDaaS, allowing you to examine relationships such as shared program participants and unusual travel patterns.

Network Analyzer comes pre-packaged with Network Templates that help you detect commonly used fraud schemes by simply running the out-of-the-box queries. It also allows more sophisticated users to create their own Network diagrams, add custom nodes and notes, and save or print the diagrams.


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Pondera leverages advanced prediction algorithms and the power of cloud computing to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in government programs.

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