Detection Solutions

Pondera's Detection Solutions are award-winning analytics solutions designed to help you detect potential fraud, waste, and abuse. They detect both individual transaction anomalies, as well as trends, patterns, and clusters that may indicate suspicious or fraudulent activities.

Our Detection Solutions are:

  • Comprehensive - Analyze every program provider, beneficiary, and transaction
  • Scalable - Proven performance on some of the country's largest programs
  • Intuitive - Designed "by our investigators for your investigators"
  • Proactive - Innovative "push analytics" sends Alerts to your staff


FDaaS is our core detection solution. FDaaS ingests your program data, matches it against third party data sources, and then runs it through a series of procedural and prediction models to detect previously known and unknown anomalies and patterns.

When a transaction violates a predetermined threshold, FDaaS sends an Alert to the integrated FDaaS Dashboard, Business or Beneficiary Profile, and Geospatial Analysis Maps. Your staff can view the Alerts, interact with the Maps, and create cases directly from the FDaaS system.

Fraud Risk Score Card

Pondera's powerful Scorecard technology ranks every program actor based on their risk for fraud. Our proprietary fraud algorithms generate a fraud risk score from 1 - 100 with direct links to the FDaaS Profiles to view the Business' or Beneficiary's program activities and violations.

The Scorecards also allow your staff to create custom scorecards based on your unique experiences. These algorithms can then be applied to your entire program data set to rank Providers and Beneficiaries on your custom scoring system.


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About Our Company

Pondera leverages advanced prediction algorithms and the power of cloud computing to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in government programs.

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