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Pondera’s Modified Bucket Theory

Pondera’s Modified Bucket Theory

I once worked for a manager that operated under what he called his “Bucket Theory”. His theory went like this: hire successful people, throw them in a “bucket”, and see who can climb their way out. Those that did, he explained, were the type that could succeed at this particular tech company. Those that couldn’t climb out were soon shown the exit. Pretty Spartan of him.

When I founded Pondera, I thought it might be interesting to make modified use of the “Bucket Theory”. Here’s how my theory goes: hire skilled and dedicated people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, broadly define the problem that needs to be solved, then throw them in a “bucket” and ask them to come up with a solution for the problem. The only guidelines: treat each other with respect, expect mistakes, share in success, and “think outside the bucket”.

Turns out that this modified bucket theory works pretty well. I’m constantly amazed by the innovations made by Pondera’s employees. And walking around the office, it’s not unusual to see a former FBI agent working with a PHD in Learning and Mind Sciences, an Unemployment Insurance investigator collaborating with the former founder of a Silicon Valley drone company, or a data scientist talking with a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Since founding Pondera, I’ve read a number of articles about the importance of hiring staff from “adjacent” markets. For example, one article detailed how some skateboarders were able to help improve construction site safety equipment. And I think we’ve all seen images of football players in training sessions with ballet instructors. I imagine that the conversations between these two groups were equally as entertaining as the ones among Pondera’s employees.

So why don’t more companies take this approach? I think there are two main reasons for this. First, many companies start with or develop the belief (sometimes arrogance) that their way is the only way. Like the proverbial hammer, they subsequently see every problem like a nail. The second reason: it can be very difficult to maintain a healthy company culture across such varied career experiences. Success depends on a clear and transparent vision combined with world class human beings. I personally feel very fortunate to work side-by-side with such people in the Pondera Bucket.


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